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Fanta-C is an ex-slotted product with insane rage features, including double item looting, moving through walls, fast grenades, tracer, and more game-breaking exploits. Complete ESP and Aim with the best prediction are also included. See the feature list below to understand what this tool can do.

  • It's not the original version of Fanta, but it's cheaper. Consider it as a trial version until the next game patch released

System requirements:

  • CPU: Intel / AMD;
  • OS: Windows 10, 11;
LAST UPDATE: 3 months ago



  • Smooth factor: Increase or decrease the speed of your aimbot
  • Bullet Drop Correction: Automatically adjusts your aim to correct for bullet drop
  • Movement Prediction: Automatically adjusts your aim to predict where the target will be by the time your bullet reaches them
  • Velocity Adjustment: Manually tune player movement prediction by meters, negative value aims behind positive aims ahead
  • Velocity History: Holds movement history in milliseconds for your target for a legit/smooth aimbot prediction

Screen Indicators

  • Watermark:
  • Execution Time: Overlay FPS, Code execution timing for cheat and rendering in milliseconds
  • Timescale
  • Aimbot targeted bone
  • Player count
  • Bot count
  • Highest item name and price
  • 2D Radar: Squares for bots, Directional triangles for players
  • Killfeed: Shows which player died and a customizable display timer and customizable sorting (by KD, Level or Inventory price)
  • Playerlist: Shows player name, KD, level and inventory worth
  • Local Player Info: Health, Food, Water, Movement speed, Ammo count, Bullet Type and velocity, Current scope


  • Unique Color Selection: Shows current color and all possible colors based on your current RGBA slider
  • Players
  • Friends
  • Bosses
  • Raiders
  • Bots
  • Air Drops
  • Nearby Items
  • Expensive Items
  • Custom Items
  • Quest Items and Locations
  • Corpses
  • Grenades
  • Radar Background
  • Radar Outline
  • Crosshair


  • 2D Radar: Customizable Size and Scale
  • Player Box
  • Player Cross
  • Player Skeleton
  • Player Chams
  • Player Name
  • Player KD
  • Player Level
  • Player Item in Hands
  • Player Health
  • Player Total Inventory worth
  • Player Inventory Display: Item Name, Item Type, Item Worth based on found in raid or not
  • Player Distance
  • Player Quest Item Indicator: Tags the player indicating they have a required Quest Item
  • Player Custom Item Indicator: Tags the player indicating they have an item from your Custom Loot list
  • Player Holds Highest Item Indicator: Highlights player with Text indicating they have the Highest Item
  • Landmine Warning Indicator: Automatically shows Danger Zones for land mines when they are nearby
  • Quest Items and Locations


  • Displays Items you need to collect for your active quests
  • Displays Locations you need to visit for your active quests
  • Instant Quest Item Planting: Place items/beacons instantly without having to wait
  • Automatically removes locations and items off of your esp that are no longer needed
  • Filters out non Found in Raid items


  • Shows where your extract locations are
  • Shows requirements for these extracts
  • Shows where requirements are: Names and Locations of power switches etc
  • Filters out extracts that you cannot use


  • Live market data and prices
  • Option to change item prices: Live, 24hr Average, 7Day Average or Trader Price
  • Smart system displays correct Item Pricing, if it is not Found in Raid you will get a Trader Price
  • Anti Clutter System: Only displays Item information when hovered
  • Min price for nearby ground items
  • Min price for nearby containers
  • Min price for expensive global containers and items
  • Pixel and FOV Hover limit
  • Option to Center or Align Container Loot information

Custom Loot

  • Lists all of your Custom Items
  • Add or Remove items from your Custom List: Right click to remove
  • Add Custom Items from clipboard or manually


  • Thermal Vision: Toggle Thermal Vision on key press. Modifies materials to have an appealing thermal effect
  • Night Vision: Toggle Night Vision on key press
  • No Visor: Removes visor effect on key press
  • Double Search: Search multiple things at once
  • Instant ADS: Zoom in and out quickly
  • Loot Through Walls: Take items through walls with ease
  • Crosshair
  • Timescale: Speeds everything up, allowing you to run and perform actions faster.
  • Perception Hearing Buff: Hear footsteps/sounds further
  • Jump Strength Buff: Jump higher
  • Jump Strength Buff Weight Multiplier: Automatically manages your Jump Strength Buff based on your current weight
  • Time of Day changer: Change the time from dark to day or any hour that you wish
  • Tracer Rounds: Enables tracers to your bullets with several different color options
  • Skeleton Display Ratio: Players/Bots will turn from Crosses to Skeletons once threshold is met


  • Weapon Inaccuracies: Recoil, Sway, Motion, Breath including ALL inaccuracies Aim Punch from shots/grenades etc
  • Weapon Collision: Your weapon will not go down when an object/wall is in the way
  • Weapon Malfunctions: Shoot your shitty ppsh for 10000 rounds and it will never jam or misfire
  • Bullet Spread: Bullets will not deviate in any way and go where intended
  • Magazine Loading Delays: Load and Unload mags as fast as possible (Delayed only by latency)
  • Examine Delay: Allows you to inspect items instantly (Delayed only by latency)
  • Stamina Consumption: Removes all stamina consumption caused by Running, Jumping, Changing stances etc
  • Move Speed Restrictions: Allows overweight sprinting and increases Move speed and Acceleration
  • Physical Conditions: Allows to sprint with broken legs, move while healing/cms'ing etc
  • Inertia: Allows moving side to side and stopping instantly without drag
  • Sprint Inhibitors: Removes collider checks which allows to sprint through Bushes, Barbed wires, Swamps, Water etc (anything that slows you down)
  • Rotation Limits: Uncaps your viewangles, look all the way up while laying down or doing a full 360 while on a mounted machine gun etc


  • Looting Distance: Increase how far you can interact with loot
  • Door Open Distance: Increase how far you can interact with doors
  • Crouch Speed: Increase your pose changing speed (crouch up n down very fast)
  • Air Speed: Reach max movement speed faster when jumping
  • Air Lerp: Stay in the air longer, lower gravity
  • Container open delay: open containers instantly
  • Grenade speed: Throw grenades super far


  • Hotkey Selector: Click on your feature and then press the desired key to set or ESC to remove the hotkey bind
  • Aimbot activation: Hold to aim
  • Hitbox cycle: Press to change hitbox. head, thorax, pelvis, left/right leg and arm
  • Remove Visor effect:
  • Night Vision toggle
  • Thermal Vision toggle
  • No Fall toggle
  • No Fall Lift activation
  • Wall Phaser activation

High Risk Features

  • Increased Bullet Speed
  • Reduced Bullet Drop
  • No Fall / Fly
  • No Fall Lift: No Fall Lift activation key to go up into the air (4m limit)
  • Wall Phaser: Go under the ground and explore the map without risk of injury from others



Status: OUTDATED (on 20 August)

Updated: 27 May (3 months ago)


Spoofer: None

The product is on update! You cannot buy it until it's up again!
Under development. No ETA for the next update or a release date.

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30 days


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Instant delivery through via Credit Card and multiple Cryptocurrencies.
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P2P platform with manual delivery and secure payment via Credit Card (more soon). Requires a quick registration. Contact us personally and we create an offer there.

Additional information:

  • The spoofer is not included, use your own.
  • The game has a user report system. Play carefully.

Before payment, you must check the system requirements block. After payment, you will receive the activation key, necessary files and instructions on how to install and configure the program. Some product functions can be temporarily disabled in the current build. Some features can be added/removed in the development process. The risk of your game account being blocked is always present with misuse or an internal error of any software. Keep this in mind and, if possible, do not use your main account. Prices in $ are set with a small margin of error due to conversion. Payment method commission is not included. Following the payment links, you accept our Terms and Conditions


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  • User - a person who has access to the Website via the Internet. The user must be a fully capable natural person.
  • Goods - activation keys and related files of digital products, information about which is present on the Website.
  • Order - a User request for the receipt of the Goods, drawn up under the requirements of the Website.
  • Website - an Internet website located on the Internet at
  • Parties - User and Website Administration.


1.1. To purchase the selected Goods, the User must use the ways offered by the Website.

1.2. Delivery of the Goods is carried out immediately after receipt of payment in the form of a key and/or a link to files on the post-payment page, with duplication of the information to the e-mail specified during payment.

1.3. Until the moment of payment for the Goods, the User is obliged to familiarize himself with the Goods description and the system requirements for it.

1.4. When placing an Order, the User must specify the email address to which the Goods will be delivered.


2.1. The Goods are paid for before the transfer to the User in full.

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3.3. Refuse of the Goods with a return is possible in the event of the inoperability of the Goods upon personal verification by the Website Administration.

3.4. In the event of the return, only the amount of money paid for the Goods is refunded. All expenses from this amount related to commissions of third parties for the transfer may be withheld.


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4.5. If the misuse of the Goods caused the User's game account to be blocked, the costs and damage incurred are not compensated in monetary terms.

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4.7. Hacking, reverse engineering, modification of the components of the Product, and others not allowed by the instruction actions are prohibited and will lead to the blocking of the Products' key and the ban of the User on the Website.

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